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Take back your free time and get quality service at a low price. Click physiotherapy is committed to helping people live active and pain free. We believe access should never exclude, price should never limit, and time should never constrain people from regaining control.

Your journey

How does online physio work?

The process is very simple at Click Physiotherapy.

Step 1:

Schedule your Free Consultation

We provide a FREE initial online video conference and diagnosis. We recognize this service is different to usual and have full confidence that you will love it as much as we do.

Step 2:

Start your treatment

At the end of this video conference you will be given a time-frame for your recovery and have the option to continue with a treatment plan by clicking a link provided. We have kept the price as low as possible and offer two separate weekly subscription plans – If you feel like it’s not working, you can opt out at any time.

Your treatment will include any advice necessary to manage your condition, personal and tailored physiotherapy exercises sent to your phone or computer, any additional items needed like physio tape will be shipped to your address and you will receive further follow-up video conference sessions.

Step 3:

Join the community!

If you love the process, at the end of your treatment you will have the opportunity to become part of the Click community and have access to the latest injury management material, regular webinar training, discounted future appointments and advice whenever you need it.

About us

Click Physiotherapy uses the internet to help our patients achieve their goals from the comfort of their homes! We aim to fix any aches and pains through assessing, diagnosing and treating your injury via videoconference technology like skype. Recent research suggests online physio is as effective as face to face therapy and our approach will prove this to you! Yes, even without a traditional hands-on physical therapy approach, we can get an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment that will get you back on track. We do this by listening to your story, using questionnaires and help you to administer self-diagnostic tests to assess muscle strength, ligament integrity and any other measures needed.

Online physiotherapy aims at helping any pain, strain, ache or break just like a traditional or sports physio would. We specialize in post-operative knee rehabilitation but also see sports injuries, work related injuries, overuse injuries, spinal injuries, or just clients seeking advise on posture, work ergonomics or sports optimization.

Rest assured, if we come across an injury that we feel needs to be further managed, we will not hesitate in letting you know and referring you to the appropriate health professional.

Some of the most common injuries we see would include:

Low back

Packages Available

Our initial consultation and diagnosis is FREE. From here, you have the choice to continue down one of two pathways, either Jog Home or Sprint Home. Either way we are confident that we will get you where you need to be.

We aim to build a community who are committed to health and motivated to achieve their fitness and life-goals. This can be made reality through quality treatment and education with the latest evidence available. After you have finished, you have the option to stay in touch and join our Click Community.

Why waste time and energy going somewhere when you could be treated where you are right now!

Free Consultation

Jog Home ($39.99 per week)

Free initial consultation
Tailored exercise program updated weekly
Unlimited communication with your physio via messaging
Follow-up video conferencing every three weeks

Sprint Home ($79.99 per week)

Free initial consultation
Tailored exercise program updated as needed
Unlimited communication with your physio
Unlimited follow-up video consultations

Click Community ($9.99 per week)

Once recovered we would love for you to stay part of the exclusive Click Community. You will have access to the latest injury management material, engage in webinars of your choice, continue pre-designed physiotherapy exercises and get advice when you need it, by a qualified physiotherapist. All of this is cheaper than gym memberships at only $9.99 per week.

Frequent Questions

Online physiotherapy is a relatively new concept. Due to this we have endeavored to answer as many of your questions as possible.

How long is the initial consultation?

We try to keep the initial consultation to 30 minutes, but allow up to 45 minutes for your initial consultation in case its needed.

Can I have in-person consultations?

Click Physiotherapy is designed purely online to decrease cost for you and to allow you to take ownership of your condition. Unfortunately there are no in-person consultations

I have a torn ACL, can you help?

Evidence would suggest to trial 3-months of conservative rehabilitation before opting for surgery. If you have not had any episodes of giving way and are feeling stronger, then you may not need surgery. Click Physiotherapy is more than suited to helping you trial conservative management with its focus on self-management and exercise-based rehabilitation. Also if surgery is required, then physio before the operation (pre-habilitation) is also very important and something we can help with.

How much for follow-up visits?

The cost of all follow-up visits are included in our weekly packages. To find this information please look under the packages tab in the main menu.

Do I need a computer?

You will either need a computer or smart-phone with a camera. You don’t need both, our advise is to make the online consultations on your smart-phone as they can be easily maneuvered and we can help set up your exercise app immediately.

Will this help with low back pain?

Most evidence now points away from hands-on therapy for low back pain. There is growing evidence in support of exercise based therapy and self-management of these conditions. So in general terms yes there should be some benefit, although every customer is unique and every injury is different.

Free consultation now!

How can physio online work!

With advancement in our knowledge of the human body, the physiotherapy profession has shifted throughout its years. Traditionally it was thought that hands on techniques and machines were important for injury recovery. In more recent years there is mounting evidence, that although hands on techniques can provide short to mid-term benefit, it is specific exercise programs and accurate education on loading and injury management that will lead to the most successful outcomes.

There are now more than 70 articles outlining the benefits of rehabilitation over the internet and this evidence is only mounting. Through innovative technology we have the capacity to accurately assess posture and movement patterns remotely and provide exercise programs through software that can even track your progress. With the help of this technology coupled with the demand for instant access, online physiotherapy has a very important role to play.

Meet Caleb Gray

Founder of Click Physiotherapy

Caleb Gray is the principal physiotherapist and founder of Click Physiotherapy. He is a titled member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). Caleb worked to achieve both a Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy and later, a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy through the esteemed University of Queensland.

My passion is to help you achieve your best and stay active and healthy

He has a wealth of experience in sports physiotherapy and chronic conditions by working in both public and private physical therapy. Caleb has co-authored research and lectures on ergonomics at the Queensland University of Technology. His passion is helping people achieve their best, whether that means being able to hang the washing out or running a marathon.

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